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Neem plechtig uw hoofd af! Dank u.

In the spirit of his work 'Something that has already been done in the sixties' (a table in café De Muze, raised to a conceptual level, painted white by the artist), and thinking of Tone Pauwels's statement "I do not know what happened in the sixties because I was there", Idris Sevenans organizes and activates the intellectual and artistic legacy of poet-artist Marcel Van Maele (1931-2009), in close collaboration with his wife Carine Lampens. This tireless work will result in a publication and a group exhibition that will take place at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

From Sevenans's publication The computer (dedicated to the poetics of Marcel Van Maele):' Marcel would say: "No, I do not play!" The most difficult fight is to maintain the lack of clarity, the battle against what Tone Pauwels documentarists calls, the hopeless struggle to avoid registration. Well, it's too late. "