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Relevance of Ibsen

Little attention is paid to Ibsen in the acting courses at the conservatory of Antwerp. Nevertheless, the Flemish theater world often reverts to his texts. This research project aims to investigate why Ibsen's texts are still important and how a text lends itself to actually being played. It is therefore also a study on the researchers themselves as actresses. How did actors move in the nineteenth century? Or should they just play in a modern setting? It is also a research into history. Is the theme of his plays outdated? Does this play a role in its relevance?

In his realism, Ibsen uses the structure of the melodrama to delve into the psychology of his characters. The melodrama, with its clear and predictable mechanism, has nowadays received a negative connotation. The realism of Ibsen is outdated. What then can we call contemporary realism?

The aim of this research are three performances and two articles in Forum + for research and arts.