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The Singer Inside Out

Vocal training often focusses on a free and an appropriate use of the voice in different styles. To explore the emotions of a song is often a separate step in the artistic process. In this interdisciplinary artistic project, jazz singers and actors will experiment together with interpretation and sound to investigate the reciprocity between the voice and emotions. Or how vocal training and interpretation can walk hand in hand.

Katrien Van Opstal recently developed the Mixing Table Model (MTM), an innovative and clear way for vocal jazz training at Royal Conservatoire Antwerp which includes insight in the links between sound, style and voice production. The path of anatomy to sound to emotion and artistry could turn into a full circle with the outcomes of this research. Artistry and vocal technique will be developed at the same time. This project will enhance the vocal training for jazz vocalists as well as actors. It is an innovative project that aims to provide a clear and coherent framework for technical as well as artistic training.