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Synaesthesia and Sound-colour Associations as An Interdisciplinary Metaphor

The goal of this research is to determine how sound-colour associations can supplement the artist in his interdisciplinary practice. Sound-colour associations will be categorized among ordinary people, artists, and people with synaesthesia. A person with synaesthesia can see certain colours when hearing music. As stated by Dr. Ward, “Experiences of people with auditory-visual synaesthesia can be used to reveal the structure of auditory-visual mappings that exist in the wider population, and these mappings may play a role in our ability to appreciate visual music as an art form.”

Common points of sound-colour associations through investigating researches of such associations in synaesthesia and the arts will be established. The UK Synaesthesia Association and Deutsche Synaesthesia-Gesellschaft will be consulted for this. Selected compositions that take colour as inspiration, will be analyzed for their use of sound as a multi-sensory metaphor.

The results will be applied to art analysis and performance through analysis of representative works of sound-colour relations and the creation of a new composition by Umut Eldem in collaboration with the art collective 4Fold1 and the drama group Mixed & United.