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Track Report

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp not only strives to provide excellent higher art education, it also wants to profile itself clearly in the field of artistic research as a knowledge institution. Artistic research starts from a problem that is related to the artistic practice. It makes its own position explicit in the context of the discipline concerned and the approaches that are commonly used within it. The research leads to innovative (artistic, sometimes also theoretical and / or methodological) insights that can be discussed in a dialogue with peers. track report is an online journal that not only reports on the progress of the various research projects and the publication of track report cahiers, but that these research projects also want to link to other activities within the Academy on the one hand and to current themes on the other.

In 2008, a specific publication platform was established within the Academy under the name TRACK REPORT. Track Report is the book for research in the visual arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. It presents a selection of our current and past research projects and in this way wants to report on the 'track' on which the academization at the Royal Academy enters. The research process, rather than the research results, is central to these research publications.

For a short content and image of all Track Reports, go to Publications.

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