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  • Quite specific solos - BA2 Dans

Quite specific solos - BA2 Dans

The creation of a site specific solo is an important part of the curriculum of the bachelor 2 Dance. The fact that the projects could not be created and presented on the Campus did not stop the students. They adapted the task to the new situation during a two-week research, and created their solos using video as a medium. The result can be seen in the form of a six-day online festival.
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  • In Dreams of Bram Rooses by Ensemble XXI

In Dreams of Bram Rooses by Ensemble XXI

This unique piece, written by Bram Roosens as his masters thesis Composition, was recorded at home by the individual musicians. They only had a click track to guide them.

"In Dreams" is, in a way, a programmatic piece. However, rather than telling a defined story. It is trying to take you on a journey through the mysterious world of dreams and emotions.

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