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Urban Travel Machines: project kick-off

On Friday 28 October 2022, the international team of Urban Travel Machines officially launched their collaboration project in the beautiful city of Antwerp. Coming together from all over Europe, they discussed, decided, laughed and got to know each other as the project, which will span a period of two years, is taking shape.

Live performance, oral & visual storytelling, typography and immersive technology combined are the focal points within the UTM project. It is dedicated to contemporary, experimental and innovative work and guarantees an exciting immersive audience experience filled with new insights.

What is UTM?

UTM contributes to the renewal of the literary sector in Europe through the adoption of Immersive Technology. The project enhances transnational mobility, new technology and audience engagement with regards to poetry performance.

The project builds upon:

  1. the networks and practices of slam poetry
  2. immersive technology
  3. tech infrastructure in four scientific planetariums

What is the goal?

UTM will:

  1. build 1 Immersive website
  2. host 4 two-day Immersive Poetry Festivals in the planetariums of Tartu, La Coruña, Vienna and Brussels
  3. set up 3 Collaborative Creation Courses at art schools in Antwerp, Helsinki and Warsaw
  4. set up 2 Immersive Storytelling Labs (online), 4 Poetry Youth Labs and 3 Immersive Creator Exchanges

Who is involved?

The project is a truly international collaboration between:

3 Schools of Arts:

  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp – AP University College of Applied Sciences and Arts (project leader)
  • School of Arts, Design and Architecture - AALTO University, Helsinki
  • Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warschau


4 European planetaria:

  • Science Centre AAHHA, Tartu
  • Volkshochschule, Vienna
  • CasaSciencias, A Coruña
  • Koninklijke Belgische Sterrenwacht, Brussels


Open call for poets

Slam and/or Performance Poets currently living in Europe and/or have the nationality of one of the countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme, can apply for a spot in our programme, by creating new work in collaboration with each time 15 art students to display to a wide audience in this unique context during one of the three residency periods.

Is your curiosity aroused? You can find more information in this document.

Don't hesitate and apply now!

Follow the project!

Keep an eye out for updates on this beautiful project and follow us on social media:

Facebook: @Urban Travel Machines

Instagram: @utm_creativeeurope

#urbantravelmachines #immersivepoetry #CreativeEurope

This project is being funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union