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Since January 2023, the conservatoire has employed a half-time inclusion and diversity project officer. Have a question, need to talk or want to raise something? You can reach Nona at nona.sadey@ap.be or wellbeing.kca@ap.be. She is present Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

AP University of Applied Sciences also employs a diversity coordinator. You can reach him via diversiteit@ap.be or anthony.marien@ap.be.

In 2021, a temporary working group was set up to develop a school-wide vision, mission and action plan around inclusion and diversity for KCA. For 7 months, a group of 20 students, staff and teachers met under the guidance of Atlas. Those texts have now been finalised with the staff (the heads of education, head of production, head of research and head of school of art) together with AP's project officer and diversity coordinator. You can read them here.