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Cultivating Together: Presence, Connection and Balance

At Cultivating Together: Presence, Connection and Balance Bernadette Zdrazil and Locu are introducing Meditation and Yoga classes next to the usual curriculum. They serve as tools to deepen the relationship with ourselves physically, mentally and the environment we live in. This programme is accompanied by two to three events per year with the attend to create a space within the Academy with the focus on a healthy and holistic life.

Ongoing weekly programme:

Every Monday

18:30 - 19:30
meeting at the Wintertuin

Hatha Yoga with Bernadette

In our Hatha Yoga class we focus on physical postures (asana) which are practiced more slowly and with more static holds and breathing techniques (pranayama). They are meant to increase physical strenght, improve health, release blockages, restore greater balance and connectedness of body, mind and spirit and develop mental focus and discipline. It is great for beginners as there are exercises which can be adjust for any level. Please bing your own matt. Its possible to join within the semester.

Every Thursday

18:00 - 19:00
meeting in front of the Wintertuin

Meta Sculpting with Locu

In the Meta Sculpting class we focus on mind work and meditation.  Assuming our thoughts are matter. As if they are things - we depersonalise from them - detach and re-act to be in harmony and present with the essence of our being. In dialogues with each other we share patterns and explore different tecniques of meditation and awareness. Through this we get to know our own constructions and how we can shape and form them. This is a safe space. - LGBTQ* friendly. You do not have to bring anything but yourself. Feel free to join anytime - but if you join for the first time please enroll here.


Bernadette Zdrazil graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2021 with a master in sculpture. Her art practice is centered around relational and spiritual art. As a multidisciplinary artist, she sees potential in materializing this tendency in art through craft, collective learning and awareness. To feel grounded and better connected with your body and emotions and therefore with your environment, Bernadette will explore during the course Cultivating together – Presence, Connection and Balance techniques of yoga, which will focuing on movement and the observation of our minds.

Locuratolo (*they/them) mostly called Locu, uses their body as a medium to connect people, places, and spirits. Locu is an alumna of In-Situ at the Royal Academy and works interdisciplinary in socially engaged, performative and fine arts. By engaging with people, the site and the institution, Locuratolo applies here their field of interest Meta Sculpture. As their artistic practise of research, Locu will engage in techniques of meditation, non-self mastery and healing to strengthen a more conscious dialogue between ourselves and our environment.