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! cancelled ! Soup Session: Alexis Gautier

! cancelled !
(due to illness)

Soup Session by Alexis Gautier
invited by research group ArchiVolt

21 March 2023, 12:30-14:00
at the Research Room, Academy

Alexis Gautier
Alexis Gautier is an artist based in Brussels and Brittany. He develops a body of works around collaborations, cultural transactions and narration, documenting his research through sculptures, textiles, videos and drawings.
At the Academy, Gautier is working on the research project What to do with what you do? (Researching the textile archives of Richard Tuttle and Thomas Bayrle). Oscillating between his own interest for textiles and the ways in which they have informed the practices of Richard Tuttle and Thomas Bayrle, this research project does not focus on textile as a medium but rather as a metaphorical and critical image of the world we live in, while exploring the symbolics and realities of their archiving.