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After graduation

On students and alumni

  • Classical guitar won't get more fancy than with the Four Aces Guitar Quartet. Eight years after their debut these four well-dressed hot shots have outgrown their flemish roots. Especially their second cd Odyssee was a big success, even in China. On their newest album For Aces  you'll only find compositions written especially for them. Their first gig was part of the final project of Stein Verrelst at the conservatoire of Antwerp. In 2013 they won Supernova, a Belgian chamber music competition.
  • Jutta Troch is a harpist specialised in contemporary music. She plays in formations like ensemble Besides and Nadar ensemble. As freelance harpist she shared the stage with Ictus, Spectra, Het Paleis, the alternative rock band Dez Mona and Brussels Philharmonic. With her Baroque harp she is part of with BOX (Baroque Orchestration X). She also co-founded What’s Next, a festival for contemporary music in Brussels.
  • Menno Buggenhout plays with His trust fund and also composes his own music.
  • Emma Wouters is part of a duo with her sister and also assists Sophie Hallynck.

Offers to alumni

The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp cherishes its alumni and likes to remain in touch.

This is why we offer some privileges:

  • free participation in masterclasses (if places are available). Please check our calendar or newsletter for the dates.
  • the next academic year after graduation you are a member of the Vrienden Conservatorium Antwerpen vzw for free. (this means free concerts and invitations to our main events)
  • for the rest of your life you remain a member of our librabry for free! 

Alumni network on Facebook 

To present your own projects, to get posts about auditions, to contact former classmates, ...
To the alumnipage.

Continue studying? Sure!

You can start a postgraduate to specialise you skills. Or start a research phd in the arts!