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Didactic concept


The Educational master in Music & Performing Arts helps develop our students into artistic teachers who are able to educate people of all ages. We achieve this by means of a study programme which has the following characteristics:

  • Autonomy: In our view, a good teacher is someone who is artistic, inventive, self-aware, and individualistic, and who manages to develop his or her own teaching products and processes and devise creative answers in a range of teaching situations. 
  • Engagement: The course is built on dialogue with teachers who have practical experience as both artists and educators, with fellow students with their own set of experiences, and with the profession. We happily make connections with various partners from the arts training and education sectors. The mix of diverse personalities and backgrounds all contributes to the creation of a rich learning environment, and a broad network also contributes to learning and development. 
  • Competence:  The competencies acquired in the Dance, Drama, and Music programmes, as well as the further personal independent development of the student as an artist, act as the foundation for the development of the student into a teacher. We build further on this foundation, with the aim of developing a high degree of expertise in teaching. 

Context and future

By September the 1st 2019 at the latest, the current Teaching qualifications will cease to exist. Current students will of course retain their rights, and their diplomas will remain valid. After September the 1st 2019, the teacher-training course in the arts will be separated into two distinct levels: a post-bachelor’s course leading to a bachelor’s diploma in Arts & Education, and an Educational master in Music & Performing Arts.