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A spatial masterplan

Making Mutsaard

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (AP Hogeschool) and the Faculty of Design Sciences (UAntwerpen) will each be investing 1 million euros in the Mutsaard site over the next 25 years. After a competition, the plusoffice + OMGEVING team was appointed to design a widely supported spatial master plan for this assignment. The design team worked intensively on this for six months, on and off campus.

On Thursday 27 May, the MAKING MUTSAARD report was made public, and there was reflection on the process and the perspectives that emerged from it. To continue this reflection, students, teachers, researchers and other interested parties will meet monthly under the title CREATING THE CAMPUS to shape the art campus and its surroundings through presentations, discussions and artistic actions. This creates a hub for deeper and closer collaborations between the two institutions and between the institutions and the city of Antwerp.

The whole team is delighted to present the Making Mutsaard publication. It is the end result of a joint master planning process involving the two co-occupants of the Mutsaard site (UAntwerpen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp), hundreds of teachers and students and two design offices OMGEVING and plusoffice architects. Designed by Specht Studio, this book combines the agenda-setting for educational infrastructure with design research for the Mutsaard campus in the heart of Antwerp. It serves as a textbook for the ongoing dialogue about the future of an urban art and architecture campus and the first step in realising many ambitious projects. 

View the publication HERE.