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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp joins forces with Seppe Nobels and the diverse, sustainable and brave cuisine of his Instroom Academy.

AP Hogeschool's Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, UA's Faculty of Design Sciences and KASKA DKO are delighted to welcome Seppe Nobels and his multiculinary brigade to the student restaurant at Campus Mutsaard. Housed in the former Sculpture Gallery - designed by Pierre Bourla - overlooking the historic garden, the Academy cafeteria receives hundreds of students, lecturers and researchers daily.

Soulful kitchen in an inspiring environment
A place with an international visitor population that welcomes creativity, diversity and sustainability will be enriched with a soulful kitchen from 25 September 2023. Inspiring meals for young artists and vice versa - an inspiring environment for creative Instroom students. Food connects. Art connects. Those ingredients make this collaboration a match made in heaven.

The right place at the right time!
Seppe Nobels founded his culinary academy 2.5 years ago together with Chris Bryssinckx of vzw GATAM. With Nico Dockx bridging the gap between the Instroom Academy and the Academy, the link is not far off. Being able to welcome Instroom Academy during the Academy's 360th anniversary is the seasonal icing on the artistic cake. In terms of content, '360° Academy' coincides perfectly with Instroom Academy's philosophy: how is the Academy in the world, and how does the world work in the Academy?
The values at the heart of the project are also the values that unite all partners within this story: sustainability, hospitality, open culture, inclusion on the one hand, and an emphasis on learning, passion and mentorship on the other.

The food philosophy of Instroom
Instroom Academy always serves seasonal dishes, with natural flavours and local products, and with respect for sustainability. This food philosophy was awarded a Green Michelin star. Gastronomy as a social and sustainable practice connects closely to the perceptions of both young art and design students and the creative teachers, researchers and visitors of Campus Mutsaard. As a liaison, cooking can also provide connections between the campus population and local residents. In other words, this innovative cross-pollination has the potential to bring synergy and dynamism on several levels.

The student restaurant Instroom [feeds] Academy! is operational from 25 September and open to the students and staff of AP Hogeschool, UA and DKO (and their guests).
The Instroom restaurant will remain in Stormkop for a while and will also be operational later on this year in the Academy's former Sculpture Gallery.

Instroom [feeds] Academy!
Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp
Open from 25.09.2023

Photo credits: Instroom Academy in the Rubenshuis in Antwerp (summer 2023), copyright Carmen De Vos.