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Tightened profiles in the Master Composition

Four profiles within the master of composition

Composer - composer
A "composer-composer" is a composer who works rather autonomously. This profile builds on the traditional programme of a contemporary composer: writing for ensemble, orchestra and choir. The teachers of Principal Subject Composition guide you in your search for your own style and develop your craftsmanship.

A composer-composer may choose Musical Writing/Contrapunt, Orchestration or Interdisciplinary Project. The music may be purely acoustic, but may also include (live) electronics. Programs such as Max MSP, Ableton and SuperCollidor are expertly discussed in detail within the Electronic Music Composition classes taught by Maarten Buyl and David Baeck. Also, "Audiovisual Design with Max MSP" is offered in "Creative Programming" by Umut Eldem.

Composer - performer
Many composers are also performers. There are also performers who deal creatively with their musical subject matter. They are true "composer performers. These composers also want to actively participate on a stage.

In addition to instrumental and/or vocal coaching, a composer-performer needs professional feedback when composing (main subject Composition), a basic knowledge of instrumentation (Orchestration) and electronics (Electronic Music Composition).

A composer-performer may also choose practical subjects from the jazz department (Introduction to Digital Skills, Electronic Improvisation, Recording Technique, Live Electronics).

Composer - educator
As a creative artist or composer, you want to share your passion with the field: with young people, within part-time art education or in community art. You want to work with people. If you choose composer-educator, the Educational Master of Music, you will continue the master's track in composition (in Music) and combine it with subjects such as professional didactics, internships, project work and supporting course components. The educational master is concluded with a master's thesis that consists of 2 parts: a master's thesis in your discipline and an art-educational project that you create yourself.

Composer for media
Many musicians feel the need to work with new technologies. In the course 'Composition for audiovisual media' Mathias Coppens offers a programme where you can actively participate in audiovisual projects.

Virtual orchestration, working with samples, being able to creatively manipulate one's own recordings and sound production are contemporary ways of composing. These ways of composing that combine acoustic and electronic elements are current within the pop, film, game and promo worlds. From these new developments within music grew the need for the profile "Composer for media.

Additional electives in this profile: programs such as Max MSP, Ableton and SuperCollidor are professionally discussed in detail within the electronic music composition lessons by Maarten Buyl and David Baeck. Audiovisual Design with Max MSP is also offered in Creative Programming by Umut Eldem.