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Artistic entrance exam Bachelor

  • Artistic entrance exam Bachelor

    For enrolment in 2024-2025

    The artistic entrance exam will be organised ONLY ONCE in 2024.

    The Bachelor of Visual Arts programme is only accessible after passing the artistic entrance exam. You can only participate in the artistic entrance exam after pre-selection, which is based on your digital portfolio. This round is digital for every discipline (including Fashion).

    Once you have passed the pre-selection, you can participate in the artistic entrance exam for enrolment in the 2024-2025 academic year. This will be organised only once, more specifically in the week of 1-5 July 2024. The entrance exam is spread over three days (1 to 3 July). If you are still undecided between two different disciplines, you can take part in the artistic entrance exam of those two different disciplines. The period will then be extended to five days (1-5 July). You can participate physically or digitally, although we recommend you attend physically.

    Note: Are you a candidate for FASHION? Then you can attend the entrance exam in July physically only. There is no digital entrance exam for Fashion in July.

    Note: A positive outcome of the artistic entrance exam is only valid for enrolment in the next academic year, i.e. 2024-2025. If you wish to apply for 2025-2026, you will take the admission test in 2025.

    Register for the entrance exam and follow these steps:

    1. Read the admission requirements.
    2. Register your participation.
    3. Upload your portfolio.
    4. Check your mailbox for the result of the portfolio.
    5. Take part in the artistic assignments.
    6. Check your mailbox for the result of the artistic assignments.
    7. Passed? Complete your registration online!

    1. Admission requirements

    To enroll in the bachelor's programme, you need to meet the diploma and language requirements. Check these carefully in advance to make sure you meet them.

    2. Registration

    • till 29 March 2024 (14h Belgian time) for FASHION.
    • till 3 June 2024 (14h Belgian time) for all other disciplines.

    2.1 Registration

    You complete the registration fully and correctly. If you apply for the Fine Arts, you must specify the discipline (Sculpture, In Situ, Painting or Printmaking & Drawing).

    For smooth registration, keep the following documents ready: identity card, photo (or webcam), diploma and language certificate (if necessary). You can upload your diploma and any language certificate later.

    2.2 Administrative fee

    In the registration environment, you pay an administrative fee of 25 euros for the admission test If you take part in two different admission tests, you will pay 40 euros (25 + 15) for the two tests in total. The administrative fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

    For smooth payment, keep your bank card at hand. If you cannot pay online, please send an email to enrolment@ap.be.  

    Note: A payment from abroad can take several days. Do not delay, so make your payment on time!

    3. Pre-selection: Portfolio

    Upload your portfolio.

    • until 15 April 2024 (14h Belgian time) for FASHION. 
    • until 10 June 2024 (14h Belgian time) for all other disciplines. 

    After registration and payment, you will receive by e-mail (also check your spam box) a link to upload your portfolio. Based on your portfolio, the jury will decide whether you can participate in the artistic assignments in July.

    Note: If you apply for two disciplines, you will submit a portfolio for both disciplines. You can tailor this content to the respective disciplines as you wish.


    Your portfolio bundles the following four items in Pdf format: 1. curriculum vitae, 2. motivation letter, 3. cultural inspiration report and 4. artistic work. If you participate in the admission test of graphic design, jewellery design or costume design, your portfolio will contain a fifth section (see below).


    Your CV contains the following personal data: name and contact details, studies and projects completed, interests or personal activities that characterise you. Your CV fits on 1 A4.


    You write a motivation letter in which you explain concisely and to-the-point your choice for 1. the arts, 2. for this discipline and 3. for the Academy. Your letter should be 300 to 500 words.


    You present three cultural activities or artists that have recently inspired you and you indicate in what way they inspire you. You make an explicit link to the discipline you are applying for. Think of exhibitions, literature, music, theatre, film, dance, documentary, meeting with artist-designer-writer-illustrator, ...

    You introduce these three recent sources of inspiration textually and add one image per activity. With this text, you give an insight into your discursive skills and your cultural interest. Your text should not exceed 500 words.


    You create an overview with your own work. It should give a representative and visual image of your creative-visual talent and your personality.

    To this end, you make a selection of autonomous artistic work, assignments you made in school and/or artistic work you designed for third parties, such as drawings, photos, sketches, graphic work, stylings, texts, poems, music, computer prints, performances or other creations.

    5. REEL


    Interested in graphic design, jewellery design or costume design? Then briefly introduce yourself in a 1-minute reel. You are free to decide what you want to share and how you want to introduce yourself.


    Your application will be valid only if the following technical requirements are met.

    • Your portfolio consists of four components (curriculum vitae, motivation letter, cultural inspiration report and artistic work) which you compile into 1 pdf file of maximum 50 MB. Your portfolio should contain all the information you wish to share. The jury will NOT review the information you share through an online platform, personal website or storage service.
    • If you apply for graphic design, jewellery design or costume design, your portfolio comprises five sections. You add one page with a direct link to your reel posted on an online platform.  If your reel is in a secure online environment, add access details or password. Your reel should not last more than 1 minute.
    • Should your portfolio exceed the maximum file size of 50 MB, you can reduce its size via www.smallpdf.com.
    • You can only UPLOAD your portfolio only ONCE, so double-check. Additional submissions will be deleted.

    When the upload was successful, the message 'Uploading completed' will appear on your screen. This message serves as a confirmation message for the proper receipt of your portfolio.

    4. Announcement of pre-selection result

    Check your mailbox (and your spambox as well)

    • From 29 April 2024 for FASHION.
    • From 17 June 2024 for the other disciplines.

    A pre-selection will be made based on your portfolio. You will receive an e-mail telling you whether you will be invited for the artistic assignments in July. All practical information such as time & location or a digital link will be enclosed.

    5. Artistic assignments

    For all prospective students (including for FASHION):

    • From 1-3 July 2024 (= standard)
    • From 1-5 July 2024 (= if you have registered for two entrance tests)

    The assignments will be organised both physically and digitally, though we recommend you to participate physically and on campus.

    Note: Are you a candidate for FASHION? Then you can attend the entrance exam in July physically only. There is no digital entrance exam for Fashion in July.

    See below for content and course of the entrance exam per discipline.

    Jewellery design and goldsmithing
    Costume Design
    Graphic Design
    Fine Arts - In Situ³
    Fine Arts - Painting 
    Fine Arts - Printmaking and Drawing
    Fine Arts - Sculpture 

    6. Announcement of artistic assignments result

    For all prospective students (including for FASHION)

    • The week of 8 July 2024

    In the week of 8 July, you will receive a mail with the outcome of the artistic entrance examination. Keep a close eye on your mailbox and your spam filter.

    7. Enrolment in the programme

    Passed the artistic entrance examination? Congratulations! You will receive an email to finalise your registration. Remember, to register, you must meet the diploma and language requirements as described above.

    You can find the regulations for the artistic entrance examination via this link.