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Magda Thielemans

Magda Thielemans (Leuven, 1964) studied dance education at the Leuven Conservatory and continued these studies at the Higher Institute for Dance (now: Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, School of Arts AP Hogeschool). She received with distinction the Certificate of Pedagogical Competence and later graduated with great distinction as a graduate in Contemporary Dance. In addition to her work as a dancer and dance teacher, she started teaching non-dancers at an early age. She developed movement training for actors and singers at the Antwerp conservatory. Later she also turned her attention to the musician. Together with Anne Schütt and Nathalie Roussel she started a research program on injury prevention among professional musicians. She started the course Physical Consciousness, where student musicians learn a relaxed, correct attitude, how they can play unloaded and what a good study hygiene is. Magda Thielemans gives regular training and master classes on this subject. She is also a member of the teaching team of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Waterloo and of the International Opera Academy in Ghent.

Function: student counselor, coordination educational dance programmes, researcher, Practice lecturer movement courses Drama and Music