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Since 2016, the Acting department has been organizing the lesson festival or 'LesFest'. During three weeks, students from the second to the fourth year work in cross-over groups with a different artist every week. These artists work in adjacent disciplines such as dance, performance, philosophy, spoken word. Although the work process ends with an internal show moment, the design of the lesson festival is not result-oriented. The atmosphere is relaxed, open and free. It is about meeting and expanding, about getting acquainted and authenticity. Every Tuesday is eaten together, after which a stage artist in an interview talks about his 'Werdegang', the way he / she traveled from school to now. From 2018 onwards, the Lesfestival will be organized through the entire drama program, and will therefore also be open to the Word Art students and the Kleinkunst masters. The LesFest gives a boost at the start of the school year, everyone's frame of reference is thoroughly shaken and the ties with other years and specializations are cited.


Three times a year, the students put in a acting performances on which they have worked for the previous weeks. Check out the calendar for more information.

Graduation weekend Acting

At the end of the school year, the master students Acting come together for the last time as a class after they all have done different internships. With one leg still in the school and the other outside, they look expectantly to the future.