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'FRAMED', by Janna Beck & Annelise Cerchedean

Janna Beck & Annelise Cerchedean

FRAMED is a platform that creates a common ground for immersive experiences. It encourages public participation and interaction. The low-threshold approach encourages all to get the most out of their creativity and intuition. It is a stage for performance, one which is based on a shared improvisation in a fluid, post-digital world. The charcoal figure is animated into conscious action by a creative community.

This flipbook is an analogue counterpart to an online publication. The two emerged as one of the outcomes within the research projects ‘GrowingGifs’, ‘Framed’, and ‘&Co’, striving to be a culmination but acknowledging the inherent challenge of fully encapsulating the entire research.

BOOK LAUNCH: 29 February 2024, 20:30 
at the Wintertuin
as part of the DIMY multiplier event 
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This book is for sale at the library of the Academy,
online via this form
or via art&research@ap.be