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Nowadays the term co-creation is applied to everything, what we used to call collaboration, participation, co- production, now falls under this term.

With the FRAMED project as a case study, we want to define co-creation within the context of digital art.

During FRAMED, a toolbox for new expression possibilities and alternative forms of collaboration was created. An own open source software was developed that allows artists to draw simultaneously (digitally with Wacom tablets) on 1 canvas that consists of different frames.

We plan experiments and research by giving artists different roles: the team player, the conductor, the dictator and the performer. The output of each experiment/session/live event is a co-created digital artwork, a drawn animation created simultaneously.

As a theoretical output of the research, we provide a framework and some reflection sessions with the artists and researchers in which we map out the collaboration, the course of the co-creation, the individuality of the artist and the shared authorship.

A second output of the research will be the "DIGITAL DRAWING COOKBOOK", a visual analysis of the research, experiments and best practices. The Cookbook thus becomes a manual/guide/lexicon/vade-mecum for co- creations within the context of digital animation drawing.