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Curriccula conservatories

Jan Dewilde and Kevin Voets conducted a study into the evolution of the conservatory curricula, in collaboration with Michiel Schuijer of Conservatorium Amsterdam. The conservatories of both cities are representative for the Dutch language area. Since the establishment in the late 19th century, both in Antwerp and Amsterdam the annual reports have been preserved, making data collection and systematic analysis possible. The training programs are described in the yearbooks.

The following research questions can be asked with regard to the data to be collected: when are which courses introduced in the programs, and in what context? When and under what influence does music analysis appear as a separate course unit? When do counterpoints and fugues appear, provided that their certification until the late 1980s were basic requirements for becoming director of a music academy in Flanders? How does the balance between performance-oriented subjects and theoretical subjects evolve? When does jazz and light music get their own specific focus? What is the influence of the revival of early music from the 1960s on the curricula? How is the international orientation reflected in the program, and how does this evolve? How does knowledge transfer take place? Finally, data relating to gender relations can also be collected and studied.

Promoter: Stephan Weytjens