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Horn plays

During the second half of the 19th century, a specific horn school developed at the Belgian conservatories out of the French cultural heritage. Many musicians from this tradition went to France, Great Britain or the United States after their studies, and in turn influenced generations of local horn players. The typical 'lyrical' playing style of these pioneers inspired composers to write a comprehensive, idiosyncratic and high-quality repertoire for the instrument. So far, the lion's share of this repertoire has been disclosed only to a very limited extent, and there’s a lack of essential data in relation to instrumentation, playing style and performance practice.

The aim of this research is to rediscover ancient playing styles and methods. In addition, it wants to refine the knowledge and playing practice on historical instruments. Finally, it aims to create a clear frame of reference by mapping out detailed research into sources  and the influences that this movement has had on the further development of musical practice.

The key to a better knowledge, execution and disclosure of this valuable repertoire is hidden in libraries, in archives, in old recordings and in instrument collections. By bringing this information back into the playing practice, these works can get the appreciation they deserve. This research project aims to make a unique fundamental contribution to the knowledge about this instrument and music culture in general.