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Readability of the body

A previous research project looked closer at the relationship between textuality and physicality and the interaction in the readability of a textual presentation and a physical performance. The term 'readability' refers in that sense to the narrativity of the performance and the possible meanings of the images, but also to the codes of specific physicalities within a cultural context.

This research project builds on the previous project. The following questions will be further explored:
What story does the body tell and how is this best expressed?
How does the physical presence of a performer influence the spoken text during a stage moment and vice versa?
Can the body be a score for the text or vice versa?
From which moment do we leave the area of ​​language into the terrain of the body?

This research starts from the artistic practice, as a player, word artist and theater maker. The constant feedback between creation and reflection, artistic practice and literature research forms the core of the research method. A new artistic output as well as presentations and discussions within the CORPoREAL research group will shape the content and outline of a relevant research question for a doctoral research project.