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The skin of sculpture

This research wants to investigate, expand and accurately define the terminology around the skin of sculpture. The historical situation of the term 'skin' and etymological research are crucial here. The project wants to gain a stronger awareness of the possible meanings of the skin and thus get a better grip on the design and content in the creation of a sculpture. The acquired knowledge, insights and awareness will be reflected in new creative work.

The research is being conducted in two phases. The first phase involves visual theoretical research, a thorough literature study, research into the context of sculpture and interviews with artists. All data is processed in a database.

In addition, practical artistic research is carried out, mainly in our own workshop. Experiments are carried out with various materials around the term 'skin' with the aim of reinforcing and/or clarifying the content of artworks. Technical aspects such as bonding, degradation, conservation, moulage, lamination and the like play an important role here.