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Body and Material Reinvented

Body and Material Reinvented is currently working on a new mission and vision. These will be published here in January 2021. The research group will attract, stimulate and support projects that reflect a critical and sustainable attitude, and that focus on sense of purpose, interconnectedness, embodiment and New Materialism.

Team: Ria De Boodt (chairwoman), Roel Arkesteijn, Anton Cotteleer, Athar Jaber, Wim Wauman, Adam Galach, Lavinia Rossetti, Valentine Kempynck, Vivi Touloumidi, Lies Van Assche, Bart Van Dijck, Renata Lamenza, Ellen De Meutter, Stefania Assandri, Andrea Cammarosano, Adam Galach, Anna Godzina, Karel Tuytschaever

Contact: Ria De Boodt -