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Nineteenth century piano music from Flanders enjoys little fame among pianists, piano teachers, researchers and audiences. Except for a few works by well-known composers such as Peter Benoit and Edgar Tinel, editions and recordings are rather rare. The lack of sources also explains why the work is not or hardly discussed in foreign publications.

The aim of this research project is to publish, perform and record several anthologies of piano work from the nineteenth century, by composers born or living/working in Flanders. A selection based on quality and diversity is made from manuscripts and old publications from the libraries of the conservatories of Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. The aim is to provide a panoramic overview of piano literature from the nineteenth century. A final selection of the works to be published and recorded is realized through performances by the research team and piano students.

After a careful edition of the selected scores, they are published and provided with a critical message and introduction in which the composer and the work are situated and implementation advice is given. In collaboration with the piano classes, concerts and a CD recording are realized, both on historic Pleyel and Érard wings.