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World Without Us

The photographic practice of Geert Goiris can be summarized as a search for evocative visual language. Because little information is given about the place or time of the recordings, their documentary value falls short and the potential for fiction rises.

The doctoral research World Without Us aims to make photographs and films that seek a contemporary expression of the representation of 'the last days', or end times. The goal is not to photograph the decline of the world, but to speculate about the disappearance of the known reality; as well as observations that transcend human senses. The 'End' that is thematized in World Without Us is situated in a broader context: images that evoke the fatality or intensity of parting, or evoke a sense of melancholic distance, detachment or disintegration.

The starting point is to make hypothetical photographs: no referential images, but images that appeal to the imagination, and refer to a reality that is not depicted in the photograph. The research is more situated in the mythological field instead of making documentary claims.

Promoters: Luc Pauwels (UA) & Johan Pas (KAA)