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Submit a research proposal

New call for research proposals

The Council of the Schools of Arts Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp launches a call for research proposals for projects starting January 1 2019.
The deadline for proposal submission is October 1 2018, 12.00h (noon).
This call applies to four types of research project proposals: one-year projects, two-year research projects, small projects and start projects. 

The next call for doctoral mandates will be launched in Spring 2019.
Project types:

1) One-year projects
- The research project has to fit in the current research and/or the activities of the existing research groups at the Schools of Arts.
- A maximum budget of €22.500 per project is available in 2019.
2) Two-year research projects
- The research project has to fit in the current research and/or the activities of the existing research groups at the Schools of Arts.
- A maximum budget of €22.500/year or €45.000 per project is available.
3) Small projects
- Small projects aim at researchers, lecturers and students who want to set up limited, defined projects, with a clear research focus.
- The project has to fit in the current research and/or the activities of the existing research groups at the Schools of Arts.
- A small project concentrates on the valorisation, dissemination and/or communication of the current research and/or research tracks that could be elaborated in the near future. The organisation of a seminar, symposium, festival, research  week, research day, event… that is or is not accompanied by a publication (on paper or digital, website, flyer, poster, research publication, recording,…) is a possibility. In principle, this project type does not serve the purpose of financing output in the context of ongoing and/or awarded research projects.
- A maximum budget of €10.000 per project is available.

4) Start projects
- Start projects target starting researchers and aspirant doctoral students. The purpose is to prepare a doctoral mandate proposal and application and/or to support a more elaborate research proposal.
- A maximum budget of €10.000 per start project is available.
Further information

- Please consult the MANUAL for the application forms.
- Please consult the INFORMATION about BUDGETTING of PRODUCTION COSTS at the Royal Conservatoire;
- Please consult the REGULATIONS concerning the internal research funds of the Schools of Arts (AP University Colleges).
Please note that the Regulations have recently been updated. Note the alterations in art. 8:
•    A promotor can submit a maximum of four projects per round;
•    A main executor can be the main executor in maximum two projects per round.
- Please select in your research application up to three relevant codes from the LIST of FLEMISH RESEARCH DISCIPLINES. This list is exhaustive, but usually the applicable codes are found under “arts” (starting at line 2.768).
- For more information, please contact Els De bruyn (RAFA) or Kevin Voets (RCA)

- Applications are to be electronically submitted at the latest on October 1st, 12.00h (noon) via 2 electronic versions (WORD AND PDF file) per e-mail to (RCA) or (RAFA).
- The research officers check whether the submission process had been duly observed and whether the submitted project applications conform to the formal rules of the call (cf. art. 16 of the Regulations)
- The Research Board of RAFA-RCA is consulted concerning the relevance of the applications to the joint research policy of the Schools of Arts. Only projects that are found to be relevant by the Research Board will be presented for further evaluation to a reading committee.
- The relevant project proposals will be evaluated and ranked by an independent reading committee. The reading committee makes a ranking of the applications per project type. These rankings will serve as an advice to the Research Board and the Councils of the Schools of Arts, deciding on the acceptance and start-up of research projects.
- Per project type a ranking is made, whereby every proposal is compared to all the other proposals in the project type. The assessment criteria for the proposals are:
•    Quality of the research (formulation of the theme; research questions; methodology; targets);
•    Relevance to the higher art education, the working field and society;
•    Outcomes and output;
•    Formulation and feasibility of the planning, the output and the budget;
•    Quality and composition of the research project team;
- The aim is to conclude the evaluation and acceptance procedure by the end of November 2018. Projects can start at the earliest January 1 2019.
- A detailed description of the procedure is to be found in the Regulations (attachment 11), article 17.
If you are planning on submitting a proposal, please contact the research officer of your School of Arts before the 1st of July 2018. She/He is available for advice and/or questions regarding the application forms and the procedure.


These documents accompany the call:

Application form One-year projects
Application form Two-year projects
Application form Small projects
Application form Start projects
MANUAL Application form
Regulations: Reglement Aanwending Onderzoeksmiddelen AP KAA-KCA
Planning & production RCA
List of Flemish research disciplines



General information

Research and doctoral projects aim to stimulate artistic and/or scientific research and embed the research in the courses of the School of Arts.

Research projects can be financed internally (annual call from the Schools of Arts) and externally. At the Schools of Arts there are four types of research projects for which (internal) funding can be applied for. All research projects should preferably have a link with the ongoing research and/or the activities of the existing research groups of the Schools of Arts.

Research projects can also be funded externally. One of the most important external funding channels is the FWO, an agency that supports ground-breaking fundamental and strategic scientific research at the universities of the Flemish Community. Artistic researchers who aspire a PhD mandate or already have a PhD are eligible for this.

There are also many subsidy channels at a European level, such as the Creative Europe program, the ERC, Erasmus+, etc. For more information about the various subsidy channels, contact the Research Coordination Unit of the AP Hogeschool.