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New research projects 2022!

We are pleased to present the 36 new research projects starting in September 2022 at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

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One-year start projects:

  • Yanis Berrewaerts, ‘Look into my I's’ (Academy, promotor Janna Beck)
  • Giulia Cauti, ‘TRAUM (dream) + RAUM (space) = TRAUMA’ (Academy, promotor Myriam Van Gucht)
  • Lennert De Vroey, ‘Pondering/Theremin. Nostalgia and the art of traces’ (Conservatoire, promotor Peter Kolpa)
  • Louis Eeckhout, ‘Het Europees kwartet van Keith Jarrett: The Journey Home’ (Conservatoire, promotor Piet Verbist)
  • Céline Mathieu, ‘Conditions for Raw Materials’ (Academy, promotor Thomas Crombez)
  • Xuanlin Wang, ‘Environmental consciousness hypothesis’ (Academy, promotor Els Dietvorst)

One-year research projects:

  • Hannah Aelvoet, ‘‘The roaring twenties’: origin and evolution of music modernism in the 1920s in Antwerp’ (Conservatoire, promotor Jan Dewilde)
  • Janna Beck, ‘'&CO’ (Academy, promotor Michael Segers)
  • Marie-Sophie Beinke, ‘The Autonomy of Art - Belgium to Japan by foot’ (Academy, promotor Nico Dockx)
  • Charlotte Bouckaert, ‘The performative possibilities of the still image’ (Academy, promotor Steven Humblet)
  • Isabelle Cordemans, ‘Tragedy and Levity: A Reconstructive Approach’ (Academy, promotor Inge Henneman)
  • Mathias Coppens, ‘Hybrid Score’ (Conservatoire, promotor Wim Henderickx)
  • Eline De Clercq, ‘De sympoiesis tuin. Ecologie en kunst in een participatieve tuin’ (Academy, promotor Roel Arkesteijn)
  • Winnie Huang, ‘Creating the Artistic Identity’ (Conservatoire, promotor Jeroen Malaise & Ine Vanoeveren)
  • Nadav Katan, ‘Towards Principles of Motorically Imposed Perceptual Groupings’ (Conservatoire, promotor Luc Nijs)
  • Yorgos Maraziotis, ‘Mythical Truths’ (Academy, promotor Nicolas Baeyens)
  • Tuur Marinus, ‘Friction & Tension: Weaving With Choreography’s Troubles’ (Conservatoire, promotor Annelies Van Assche)
  • Katja Mater, ‘Pas(s)Time (Sun in an Empty Room)’ (Academy, promotor Steven Humblet)
  • Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, ‘The significance, importance and possibilities of Participatory Art in multi-cultural and multi-social urban environment’ (Academy, promotor Kris van ‘t Hof)
  • Marijn Prakke, ‘Cripping the stage: van crip theory naar crip practice’ (Conservatoire, promotor Peter Kolpa)
  • Evi Olde Rikkert, ‘On Tables’ (Academy, promotor Heide Hinrichs)

Two-year research projects:

  • Paul Abbott, ‘WE GROW MUSIC! Ecologies of attention, discrepancy and multiplicity—real and imaginary—in embodied music performance’ (Conservatoire and Academy, promotors Kathleen Coessens and Nico Dockx)
  • Kurt Bertels, ‘Een saxofoonpionier in beeld: het uitvoeren van opdrachtwerken uit de vroege twintigste eeuw aan Sigurd Rascher’ (Conservatoire, promotor Yves Senden)
  • Edith Cassiers, ‘Play(s) of Féminitude. The role of female artists in Belgian theatre history 1830-1948’ (Conservatoire and Academy, promotor Clara Van den Broeck)
  • Jeroen Cluckers, ‘The Desert of the Real’ (Academy, promotor Kristof Timmerman)
  • Ewald Demeyere, ‘A Database of Schemata As a Starting Point For Historically Informed Improvisation and Composition’ (Conservatoire, promotor Yves Senden)
  • Simon De Paepe, ‘”C’est aussi beau que du Fauré.” August De Boeck’s orchestral songs rediscovered’ (Conservatoire, promotor Jan Dewilde)
  • Peter Lemmens, ‘What I'm talking about when I'm talking about Narrativity’ (Academy, promotor Kristof Timmerman)
  • Chiara Percivati, ‘Digital Tubes’ (Conservatoire, promotor Annelien Van Wauwe)
  • Anne Pustlauk, ‘Parijse kopie of zelfstandige school? De Belgische Fluitopleiding in de belle époque’ (Conservatoire, promotor Peter Verhoyen and Aldo Baerten)
  • Dries Segers, ‘Ask your hands to know the things they hold’ (Academy, promotor Inge Henneman)
  • Bob Selderslaghs, ‘Professionalising the (teaching) artist through process drama performances’ (Conservatoire, promotor Annouk Van Moorsel)
  • Edu Tarín, ‘Cognitive Making. The recreation of procedures in the field of jewellery and gemstone cutting’ (Academy, promotor Tine De Ruysser)
  • Tine Van Aerschot, ‘Pamphilus, Pamfilet, Pamflet. Het artistieke pamflet of meerstemmigheid in vorm’ (Conservatoire, promotor Edith Cassiers)
  • Giulia Vismara, ‘Temporary sonic architecture’ (Academy, promotor Kristof Timmerman)



(Image: Dries Segers, ‘Ask your hands to know the things they hold’, detail)