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New research projects 2022

We are pleased to present the 34 new research projects and the 6 PhD projects starting in September 2022 at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

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One-year start projects:

  • Yanis Berrewaerts, ‘Look into my I's’ (Academy, promotor Janna Beck)
  • Giulia Cauti, ‘TRAUM (dream) + RAUM (space) = TRAUMA’ (Academy, promotor Myriam Van Gucht)
  • Lennert De Vroey, ‘Pondering/Theremin. Nostalgia and the art of traces’ (Conservatoire, promotor Peter Kolpa)
  • Louis Eeckhout, ‘Het Europees kwartet van Keith Jarrett: The Journey Home’ (Conservatoire, promotor Piet Verbist)
  • Céline Mathieu, ‘Conditions for Raw Materials’ (Academy, promotor Thomas Crombez)
  • Xuanlin Wang, ‘Environmental consciousness hypothesis’ (Academy, promotor Els Dietvorst)

One-year research projects:

  • Hannah Aelvoet, ‘‘The roaring twenties’: origin and evolution of music modernism in the 1920s in Antwerp’ (Conservatoire, promotor Jan Dewilde)
  • Janna Beck, '&CO’ (Academy, promotor Michael Segers)
  • Marie-Sophie Beinke, ‘The Autonomy of Art - Belgium to Japan by foot’ (Academy, promotor Nico Dockx)
  • Isabelle Cordemans, ‘Tragedy and Levity: A Reconstructive Approach’ (Academy, promotor Inge Henneman)
  • Mathias Coppens, ‘Hybrid Score’ (Conservatoire, promotor Wim Henderickx)
  • Eline De Clercq, ‘De sympoiesis tuin. Ecologie en kunst in een participatieve tuin’ (Academy, promotor Roel Arkesteijn)
  • Winnie Huang, ‘Creating the Artistic Identity’ (Conservatoire, promotor Jeroen Malaise & Ine Vanoeveren)
  • Nadav Katan, ‘Towards Principles of Motorically Imposed Perceptual Groupings’ (Conservatoire, promotor Luc Nijs)
  • Yorgos Maraziotis, ‘Mythical Truths’ (Academy, promotor Nicolas Baeyens)
  • Tuur Marinus, ‘Friction & Tension: Weaving With Choreography’s Troubles’ (Conservatoire, promotor Annelies Van Assche)
  • Katja Mater, ‘Pas(s)Time (Sun in an Empty Room)’ (Academy, promotor Steven Humblet)
  • Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, ‘The significance, importance and possibilities of Participatory Art in multi-cultural and multi-social urban environment’ (Academy, promotor Kris van ‘t Hof)
  • Marijn Prakke, ‘Cripping the stage: van crip theory naar crip practice’ (Conservatoire, promotor Peter Kolpa)
  • Evi Olde Rikkert, ‘On Tables’ (Academy, promotor Heide Hinrichs)

Two-year research projects:

  • Paul Abbott, ‘WE GROW MUSIC! Ecologies of attention, discrepancy and multiplicity—real and imaginary—in embodied music performance’ (Conservatoire and Academy, promotors Kathleen Coessens and Nico Dockx)
  • Kurt Bertels, ‘Een saxofoonpionier in beeld: het uitvoeren van opdrachtwerken uit de vroege twintigste eeuw aan Sigurd Rascher’ (Conservatoire, promotor Yves Senden)
  • Edith Cassiers, ‘Play(s) of Féminitude. The role of female artists in Belgian theatre history 1830-1948’ (Conservatoire and Academy, promotor Clara Van den Broeck)
  • Jeroen Cluckers, ‘The Desert of the Real’ (Academy, promotor Kristof Timmerman)
  • Ewald Demeyere, ‘A Database of Schemata As a Starting Point For Historically Informed Improvisation and Composition’ (Conservatoire, promotor Yves Senden)
  • Simon De Paepe, ‘”C’est aussi beau que du Fauré.” August De Boeck’s orchestral songs rediscovered’ (Conservatoire, promotor Jan Dewilde)
  • Peter Lemmens, ‘What I'm talking about when I'm talking about Narrativity’ (Academy, promotor Kristof Timmerman)
  • Chiara Percivati, ‘Digital Tubes’ (Conservatoire, promotor Annelien Van Wauwe)
  • Anne Pustlauk, ‘Parijse kopie of zelfstandige school? De Belgische Fluitopleiding in de belle époque’ (Conservatoire, promotor Peter Verhoyen and Aldo Baerten)
  • Dries Segers, ‘Ask your hands to know the things they hold’ (Academy, promotor Inge Henneman)
  • Bob Selderslaghs, ‘Professionalising the (teaching) artist through process drama performances’ (Conservatoire, promotor Annouk Van Moorsel)
  • Edu Tarín, ‘Cognitive Making. The recreation of procedures in the field of jewellery and gemstone cutting’ (Academy, promotor Tine De Ruysser)
  • Tine Van Aerschot, ‘Pamphilus, Pamfilet, Pamflet. Het artistieke pamflet of meerstemmigheid in vorm’ (Conservatoire, promotor Edith Cassiers)
  • Giulia Vismara, ‘Temporary sonic architecture’ (Academy, promotor Kristof Timmerman)

Four-year PhD research projects:


(Image: Dries Segers, ‘Ask your hands to know the things they hold’, detail)