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Living Equipment: Portable spaces

For one year already, the artistic languages of Michela Dal Brollo and Inés Ballesteros converge.

We create and demonstrate portable equipment as a set of transportable, practical and conceptual devices, which we name Living Equipment. Through the Living Equipment, we research how to generate temporary spaces that favour more heterogeneous and diverse forms of urbanism, in contrast to a tendency towards privatization and control in public space. The tools we are developing aim to be potential catalysts of social situations that temporarily transgress or soften spatial and social boundaries.

There is a need for reclaiming public space as a place for community rather than as the domain for consumption and transit, which has become more evident during the current pandemic crisis. How can we as in situ artists facilitate the projection and activation of temporary community spaces?

In this research, we want to develop a movable structure to be installed in liminal spaces of Antwerp. The design of the structure will be based on research on vernacular shelters. The new structure will temporarily work as a cultural shelter for meetings, observatory of spatial dynamics and as an “in situ studio”. In order to adapt and communicate with different spaces of Antwerp, the structure will be transportable and foldable, taking multiple forms. The activation of the structure will happen with neighbours, artists and students.