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After graduation

Alumni Composition

Jan Hendrik Van Damme, Stefan Van Puymbroeck, Kris Oelbrandt, Petra Vermote, Bram Van Camp, Steven Prengels, Hanne Deneire, Stefan Prins, Maarten Van Ingelgem, Jelle Tassyns, Mathias Coppens, Nuno Costa, Bianca Bongers, Erik Desimpelaere, Hans Vercauteren, Paulo Galli, Hikari Kiyama, Carlos Britto Dias, Dejonckheere Tom, Verlancker Hannes, Van der Plancken Nils, Karin Laenen, Jeroen Malaise, Umut Riza Eldem, Michael Denis, Vigdis Hanna Elst, Femke Sonnen, Adam Vincent Clarke, Hibiki Mukai, Siebe Thijs, Noah Senden, Lucas Van Vlierberghe, Constance van Gog, Abel Baeck, Pieter Devos, Karin Laenen, Davide Paulillo, Bernardo Beirão, Lennert Baerts ...


Offers to alumni

The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp cherishes its alumni, this is why we offer some privileges:

  • free participation in masterclasses (if places are available). Please check our calendar or newsletter for the dates.
  • the next academic year after graduation, you are a member of vzw Bolster for free. (this means free concerts and invitations to our main events)
  • for the rest of your life, you remain a member of our librabry for free! 

Alumni network

If you graduated from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, the former Herman Terilinck Institute, Studio Herman Teirlinck of the Higher Institute for Dance, then you belong to our alumni. Feel free to post about your artistic activities, tag yourself and your friends in photos, search classmates and reminisce. Do you need an artistic companion for a particular project, then you might find who you are looking for on our Facebook group.

The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp likes to stay in touch. Alumni can enter or update their data through this form.

Continue studying? Sure!

Specialise your skills with a postgraduate degree. The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp offers several unique postgraduate programmes, which give you the chance to focus on specific elements which are important in your practice as a musician. The postgraduate training offers focused programmes with contact hours which are primarily set by the individual. This gives you the advantage of not only focusing on what is important for you, but doing this at a time that suits you. The Conservatoire already works together with relevant specialists and members of the profession. We pride ourselves on keeping our study programmes up-to-the-minute, and ensuring close links with an internationally relevant network.

You can follow a shortened programme of 60 credits after the master in Music and thus obtain an Educational master’s degree in Music. The programme provides various courses in teaching methodology, internships, project work and supporting courses. The programme concludes with a master’s thesis Art-educational project. You can also opt for an integrated Educational master’s programme in Music immediately after your bachelor in Music. Students/candidates must demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language by providing evidence of having passed level B2 of the Interuniversity Dutch-language Test for non-native-Dutch Speakers.


Alumni and lecturers can question and enrich their artistic praxis as part of a research project. Within the Association of University & Colleges of Antwerp, you can start a research project or obtain a PhD in the Arts.