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Specialization Composition: The search for and development of one’s own musical language is a creative process, and in this sense, to compose is to create. Central to this creative process is the unique personality of the composer, who uses his or her knowledge, expertise, insight and an open and questioning mindset to mould his or her creativity and originality in order to make new music

Composition teacher, Wim Henderickx, leads an enthusiastic team consisting of Alain Craens, Bram Van Camp and Steven Prengels. They will stimulate you as an individual to discover and develop in an open manner your own creative language, on the one hand with respect for tradition, and on the other hand with a passion for innovation. 

Bachelor's students receive intensive coaching to help them develop strong and reasoned analytical knowledge and an inquiring attitude. Your quest for your own creative personality will be supported by general musical knowledge and technical skills.

In addition to the Specialization Composition, the programme provides Harmony and Counterpoint and Instrumantation/Orchestration, so that creativity is founded on a strong knowledge base. Artistic research, general cultural education and thorough analysis are also important components of your curriculum. Electronic Music, Instrument and Practical Harmony and Improvisation can be included as electives.

The two-year master's study focuses specifically on the refinement and development of your own musical language and offers a range of (interdisciplinary) projects, concerts, collaborations and masterclasses. In addition to a limited number of fixed course components, the programme offers the student ample opportunity for personal choice. This broad and open approach, in combination with coaching from various composition teachers such as Mathias Coppens, David Baeck en Jorrit Tamminga, provides an ideal breeding ground for building your own musical language and writing style. Each new idea will be treated with respect, in an open manner using various approaches, and always in an environment involving consultation and discussion.  

You can choose between the following profiles:

  • Composer - Composer
  • Composer - Performer
  • Composer - Composer for Media

The emphasis is not only placed on your main subject Composition, but also on a elective package of 18 credits, which offers a selection of specific courses: Electronic music, Interdisciplinary project, Harmony and Counterpoint, Orchestration, Composing for Media or Instrument.