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Photographer Geert Goiris is Doctor in the Arts

The biggest screening room of Cinema Zuid was packed when Geert Goiris presented his PhD project 'World Without Us'. Over the period of 5 years, Geert made photographs and films seeking a contemporary expression of the representation of 'the last days', or end times, a world without humans. The 'End' that is thematized in World Without Us is situated in a broader context: images that evoke the fatality or intensity of parting, or evoke a sense of melancholic distance, detachment or disintegration.

The jury praised Geert Goiris's talent for creating beautiful images of a subject such as transience. He also started experimenting with other media during his PhD, such as film, slide projection and soundscapes. His continuous effort to find other forms of presentation to express his findings was greatly appreciated. Geert frequently collaborates with scenographers for tailor-made concepts that ensure that the work is presented in the best possible way.

Geert Goiris can now call himself Doctor in the Arts, in addition to being a photographer and teacher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He is the 13th Doctor at the Academy. The result of his project, the photobook 'World Without Us', will soon be sold in the library of the Royal Academy.