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Extending Body and Material Reinvented

The project ‘Extending Body and Material Reinvented’ aims to prepare, organise, execute and follow-up a semi-public event, with the intention to enhance the research group’s visibility within the Academy, AP University College and ARIA. This three-week event will take place in the Lange Zaal in September 2021 (to be confirmed). The event will comprise a combined open laboratory, exhibition and lecture series. The project will offer our researchers the opportunity to develop mutual studio practices annex an open laboratory together, organize and attend a program of (guest) lectures and other activities open to researchers, teaching staff, master students and the interested public. The project will culminate in a public pop-up presentation including an exhibition, relevant lectures and related activities. Interested artists and lecturers will be invited to join the team and participate in the workshops of the open laboratory and the continuous exhibition —but so will be colleagues, possible future researchers e.g. students and alumni, people from other departments and the public in general.

‘Extending Body and Material Reinvented’ is the second part of a three-year action plan for 2020-2022 that intends to internally strengthen the research group and to further position it in the academic artistic research field. In 2020, a 4-day seminar ‘Revising and connecting Body and Material Reinvented’ is happening exclusively for its members. In 2022, the action plan provides a publication of writings and visual documentation by its researchers.