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Teaching staff

The Master in Dance is curated by Renata Lamenza Epifanio and Michiel Vandevelde. We work with a dynamic pool of lecturers and artists. Our teaching staff is composed of local and international artists whose works are crossovers of execution and theory, performing arts and visual arts, immersed in their own social, cultural, and political context.

Master team

Head of programme Annouk Van Moorsel
Artistic coordinator Renata Lamenza Epifanio
Co-curator Michiel Vandevelde

Master Year 1

Artistic practice: toolbox Christine De Smedt, Michiel Vandevelde, Renata Lamenza Epifanio

Unravelling embodiment

Vivien Tauchman, Joshua Serafin, Milø Slayers, Helena Araújo, Symposium 

Research: dance and society 

Edith CassiersDaniel Linehan, Jeremy Nedd

Embodied curating

Michiel Vandevelde, Yann Chateigné, Dorothea Von Hantelmann, Kevin Kotahunyi, Ula Sickle, Raimundas Malasauskas, Joel Valabrega 

Research: dance and dramaturgy

Eylül Fidan Akinci, Esther Severi, Kristof Van Baarle, Kyoko Iwaki, Kopano Maroga

Artistic practice: music and sound

Raphael MalflietFabienne Seveillac, Mario Barrantes Espinoza


Master Year 2

Embodied theory Anne-Lise Brevers

Artistic practice: scenography and costume

Renata Lamenza EpifanioSabrina SeifriedSofia PantouvakiTua Helve, Vladimir Miller, Kevin Kotahunyi, Laura Muyldermans, Erki De Vries, Selin Geerinckx,

Research: dance and documentation 

Timmy De Laet, Arkadi Zaides, Nitsan Margaliot, Sasha Portyannikova 

Master project

Christine De Smedt, Olga de Soto, Georg Weinand


Bridging/Preparatory programme

Art philosophy


Dance theory and analysis

Timmy De Laet

Research methodology

Edith Cassiers

Research in dance

Annelies Van Assche

Portfolio: artistic practice

Olga de Soto

Portfolio: research

Katleen Van Langendonck

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