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The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp offers tomorrow’s conductors a two-year specialization which further builds on the skills acquired during the Bachelor or Master of Music course.

Conducting is a highly demanding discipline which requires very specific competencies: a thorough knowledge of the repertoire, knowledge of complex scores, an excellent ear, sophisticated communication skills, a perfect conducting technique and vital stage presence. The conducting course teaches you the rehearsal techniques, and the analytical and substantive artistic skills to create a considered interpretation and appropriate performance plan, and to put these into effect.

The conducting course provides the possibility to obtain a master degree in orchestra, choir or wind/brass band conducting. It also offers an introduction to these three conducting disciplines. 

Tradition plays an important role here, and it is shaped and transmitted to the student on an individual basis by specialized teachers who themselves belong to the top international rank of conductors. You will not only learn the technical intricacies of conducting – theory and practice – but you will also advance on a practical level by working with diverse groups, from amateurs to professionals. Choir conductors will work further on playing a piano reduction of the score and will receive language coaching. Arranging and instrumentation are supporting subjects in the wind/brass band conducting course. When you choose to take orchestra conducting, you will also receive orchestration and instrumentation. 

The conducting programme also offers you the possibility to continue your basic instrumental, vocal, or theoretical study. During your master’s study, you will receive extensive opportunities for developing your practical experience by working with the wind orchestra and/or the choir of the music programme. In addition, thanks to collaborative projects, interdisciplinary initiatives and short observation courses, you will already make a foray into the professional world during your study. And finally, the teaching staff will coach you “on the spot” during rehearsals and concerts with your own vocal ensemble, orchestra, wind or brass band.

This intensive training will equip you with the skills to convey your knowledge, vision and passion in an enthusiastic and reasoned manner within your professional career, not only to the musicians and singers in your orchestra or choir, but also to the audience.