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Looking for a scholarship to support the international experience you have been looking forward to for many years? Students on the Move helps you on your way!

We sum up the most important scholarships below:

  • Scholarships for study and internship abroad - during your studies

These scholarships can be requested in the context of an exchange for study, internship or thesis research abroad during your studies:

  1. Het ASEM Work Placement Programme (ASEM WWP): the chance to do an internship in a number of Asian countries.
  2. Erasmus+ scholarship: mobility for study, internship or thesis research in countries inside or outside of Europe, included in the Erasmus+ charter.
  3. The Priority Country Programme: exchange in a number of priority countries: Brasil, Chili, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey and the United States of America.
  4. Cooperation programme Quebec: cooperation programme whereby the Québec government grants exemptions from increased registration fees to a maximum of ten candidates from a Flemish higher education institution.
  5. The Washington Center: non-profit organization that offers internships and academic seminars to students from Flemish universities and colleges. Every year 12 scholarships are granted.

These scholarships are granted by other instances besides VLUHR:

  1. Erasmus+ studentemobiliteit: Erasmus+ helps with the organization of student- and promovendi student exchanges between Erasmus+ program countries and partner institutions.
  2. Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP): The Swiss programof Erasmus+ for higher education.
  3. Fulbright: scholarships for Belgian, European and American citizens to strive for the possibility of international educational and cultural exhanges.
  4. VLIR-UOS: supports partnerships between Flemish universities or universities of applied sciences and arts, in Flanders and in our partner countries, that are searching for answers to global and local challenges.

On THIS PAGE you can find even more scholarship possibilities. Don't  forget to take a look!

  • Scholarships for study and internship abroad - after your studies

  1. Fayat scholarship [website in Dutch]: supports talented students to go for an extra Master in an international top institution.
  2. Erasmus+ Traineeship After Graduation: offers candidates the chance to do a financed internship ata multilateral organization. This happens via the Flanders Trainee Programme.
  • Residence scholarships

A residence offers you, as an artist, time and space to work on the development of your oeuvre outside your familiar geographical context. A residency grant contributes to the costs associated with such a residency. Click HERE for more information [website in Dutch].

Any questions? Contact Evie Gryson for more information!