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Project – XXI

From the academic year 2020 – 2021 onwards, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp will offer a profound program in contemporary music. Under the name ‘Project-XXI’ a limited number of students will have the opportunity to work a whole academic year with specialized coaches within the field of new music.

The close relation with the different research groups from the Conservatoire will create new possibilities for students to collaborate in projects with both researchers and external partners.

A team of coaches will ensure that enough different styles will be offered, and that significant attention will go to experimental music and extended techniques. They will decide which projects will be valuable for the pedagogical and artistic path of the students and will help them with their program for chamber music.
We will draw special attention towards a diverse program: important compositions from the second half of the 20th century and present-day pieces will form the basis for an equal representation of female, non-cis identifying (M/F/X) and non-western composers. We also open the door for music theater and other hybrid formats.
Students will also have the unique opportunity to tackle pieces from (young) living composers and they will have the chance to collaborate with them in real life or via different virtual platforms.