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Hello there, alumni!


The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts is about to blow out 360 candles. You can only imagine how many students have graduated here in the past couple of years - and even centuries! - and have traded the familiar ateliers and classrooms for a career in the arts sector or cultural field.

Some of these graduates have become self-employed and run their own fashion label. Others have gone on to work in galleries or museums where they showcase their work to an international audience. Do you have a new ring on your finger or were you impressed by the astonishing costumes in the last film you watched? Chances are that you were admiring the work of one of our alumni.

We are beyond proud of what our alumni have accomplished over the years and want to share this with everyone. With our new alumni services, we hope to build a close connection with our alumni and strengthen the bond between them and the Academy, the art world and their fellow students.

Have a look below and make sure to keep an eye out for updates and novelties on the website!

RAlumni offer

Once an Academy student, always an Academy student, because once you have graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, you stay connected to us for the rest of your life. This means that you:

  • get access to free sessions of Expanding Academy (subject to availability). More information about these sessions can be found on the website of the Academy or their Instagram page.
  • remain lifelong member of the library of the Royal Academy. Follow our library's Instagram page for updates and news!

Keep us posted

The Academy would like to know how their alumni are doing and where life has led them after graduation. By filling in or updating the requested information in the form below, we will be able to keep track of our alumni so that we can proudly follow your activities, wherever you are.

Follow us

Homesick for the atmosphere of the Academy? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and imagine yourself back in your old school! As of now you can also find us on LinkedIn where you can connect to others in the arts industry and maintain an international network.

Questions or concerns?

Do you have a question or concern? Would you like to inform us about any (future) artistic endeavors? Do you have good ideas to set our new alumni services in motion? The don’t hesitate to send an email to alumni.academy@ap.be!