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UP - Performance in Perspective

UP - Performance in Perspective explores the perspective of, and perspectives on, the performing artist, within the broad field of performing arts: music, drama, dance, performance art, and related (inter/trans)disciplines. In doing so, we connect with, reflect on, and critically relate to the cultural, economic, historical, political, and social contexts within which art unfolds. For the 2024-26 policy period, we are formulating two rather broad research lines with several priorities. These lines build on the achievements of the previous policy period, but also identify new trends and areas of research.

The first research line, "Re-sourcing", starts from gaps in mainstream Western art practices and repertoires, and lacunas in mainstream historical narratives. We examine historical performance practice, non-Western art forms, non-classical traditions, and non-dominant perspectives within the performing arts. The second research line, "Catalysts for innovation", centers around change and innovation in the performing arts, in the present, future, and past. We explore the relationship between the performer and performance contexts and conditions, particularly regarding curatorial and technological developments.

With UP, we advance two basic principles functioning as common threads and touchstones:

  1. We want to develop a multi-voiced discourse, stimulate a democratic functioning, and create inclusive art, by giving a voice and agency to a diversity of (under-documented, under-represented, under-exposed, oppressed,...) groups and individuals.
  2. In doing so, we want to install appropriate attention to aspects of care, focusing on workable work, mental health, social stability and economic sustainability.

Focus: Performance practice, music, stage arts

Team: Liselotte Sels (coordinator), Kobe Van Cauwenberghe (chairman), Frank Agsteribbe (inspirer, sabbatical until September 2024), Peter Kolpa (drama), Thomas R. Moore (music)

Liselotte Sels - liselotte.sels@ap.be

(Photo Wannes Cré)