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Yes we care

At RCA we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere, where every student feels equally respected and welcome. This way, we believe, it would enable each and every student to reach their full creative potential. 

We acknowledge there is a long way to go! Creating an inclusive and diverse atmosphere amongst students, guest teachers and staff requires not only good will but also working actively and taking action – together with students, teachers, and members of staff. 


Transgressive behaviour

Exploring boundaries form an integral and crucial part of art education, though at no circumstances it should lead to transgressive behaviour.

Yes, we care: 

  • In 2018, RCA co-signed the Charter on Transgressive Behaviour with all higher education institutions. This defines transgressive behaviour more broadly than merely sexual transgressive behaviour. 
  • RCA also presents a unique vision, titled ‘Dealing with Boundaries’ and with it its own annually-updated code of conduct. We expect each and every student, teacher, and member of staff to be familiar and abide by this code of conduct. 
  • Each year, a working group comprising students, teachers, and members of stuff review the code of conduct and adjust it as necessary as well as actively discussing other initiatives on transgressive behaviour. Are you interested to participate or find out more? Please contact ilse.muysers@ap.be.   
  • Are you yourself a victim or have you witnessed any form of transgressive behaviour (sexism, discrimination, racism, abuse of power, harassment, etc.)? RCA has put in place a step-by-step plan for students and members of staff to report any incidents and talk to someone about it.  


Open Working Group on Well-Being 

At RCA, there is an official working group on Well-Being run by students, teachers, and members of staff. This group leads the conversation on topics such as wellbeing and diversity, advises the school on its policy, and also develops its own courses of action. 

There are three sub-working groups: 

  1. Transgressive behaviour: how to create more awareness around the subject, handle incidents respectfully (code of conduct, vision, text, roadmap, reporting procedures and communication around it). For more information, please contact: ilse.muysers@ap.be 
  2. Diversity and inclusion: how to make our school more inclusive (gender, ability, inclusive curriculum, safe conversational culture, socio-economic diversity, multicultural and diverse environment). For more information, please contact: wouter.hillaert@ap.be
  3. Teaching at RCA: how to support teachers in creating a warm and adequate learning environment? For more information, please contact: magda.thielemans@ap.be

The working group meets several times a year to discuss progress, take initiative and put forward an overall up-to-date agenda on transgressive behaviour, diversity, and inclusion. 

Would you like to know more and\or participate? Please feel free to join our first introductory Open Cafe Well-Being session at CLUB CONS on the 20th of October (19h00-21h30). You can also participate in open discussions and join brainstorming tables. For the latest updates and information, you may also subscribe to our quarterly newsletter.   


Psychological and physical well-being

An education in Music, Dance, or Drama is not just a walk in the park. As a student, you are challenged both mentally and physically to explore boundaries, and together with your fellow students, give your best again and again. In this, the Conservatoire, together with AP, supports you in various ways:   

Are you struggling with something? 

Recently, in collaboration with the Applied Psychology programme, the research group ‘Resilient Artists’ was launched around the mental wellbeing of performing artists. In this way, we would like to develop a prevention programme to promote their mental health. 

Students with physical complaints can call Healtcare for Artists (HeArts), a collaboration with the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the UA. 


Diversity and inclusion 

  • Well-Being @ RCA's diversity and inclusion subgroup brings together students, faculty, and staff for conversation, research, and action to make school more inclusive. Interested? Contact wouter.hillaert@ap.be.  
  • RCA supports De Nieuwe Spelers, a free preliminary training program at our school in which a dozen or so diverse talents each year are prepared by professional coaches for an admissions test at a Flemish drama school.  
  • RCA's drama program aims for 25% non-white teachers by 2025. A conscious effort is already being made to broaden the range of guest teachers in terms of color and origin. 
  • Within the dance program's curriculum, there has been intensive exchange and collaboration between students and dancers with physical and mental disabilities since 2014, including in a weekly lab research group and with a summer school and an annual international symposium.  



In 2021-2022, Joanna Britton examined how the school deals with multilingualism, including possible areas for improvement. Read research report here. Meanwhile, she is permanently attached to the school as a language coach, to help put this focus into practice even better. Contact joanna.britton@ap.be