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Residencies and visiting researching artists

In order for research to grow, the exchange of good practices is indispensable.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Each academic year, the studios at the Academy invite an artist, designer, theorist, curator and / or researcher to share his or her artistic research with the students and the research community. In addition to a public lecture or presentation - open to all students, teachers and researchers - a consultation moment or an in-depth workshop with the researcher is organized for the students.

The doctoral researchers also enter into dialogue with the BA3 and MA students about their work and research, if possible linked to a studio visit.

In addition, the Academy developed a program of 'visiting researching artists', in which an internationally renowned artist and / or designer visits the school, shares his / her artistic practice, visits the studios of the students, and discusses with other researchers meta themes such as higher art education or research in the arts.

From September 2020 on, a residency program will be set up for researchers in the arts in collaboration with the research group Thinking Tools and AAIR.

Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Exchanges between internal and external researchers and/or specialists and local researchers and students also take place in various forms at the Conservatoire. Within the framework of an extensive programme of masterclasses, international top specialists from various disciplines within Music and the Performing Arts are invited throughout the academic year. The focus on exchange and cross-pollination is further intensified during the annual NextDoors, the interdisciplinary project week of Conservatoire. During this week, top researchers from home and abroad are invited, alongside partners from the arts sector. 

(Image: studio visit Thomas Ruff)