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Research Weeks

Two Research Weeks are organized annually at the Academy. Within these weeks, research by students is central. The Research Weeks make an explicit connection between research and education, which gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with research(ers) and the research base within the Academy. During the Research Weeks they can choose from various research classes.

These research classes - organized, prepared and supervised by researchers from the Academy and / or by externally recruited researchers - are experimental and reflective in nature, and start from a thematic, but not discipline-related question. In this way they provide added value to the permanent curriculum and are complementary to it. They are non-studio-bound, but start from current research, with a broad scope of substantive and / or thematic perspectives, so that a relevant research experience can take place for every student.

(photo: research class by Els Dietvorst, photo by Wannes Cré)