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admission master Master in Dance
Master Dans

STEP 2. Artistic entrance examination

If you meet the diploma and language requirements, you will need to pass the artistic entrance exam as a second step.

  • Planning auditions

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    Deadline for application (registration + payment) 29.05.2024
    Deadline submission round 1 29.05.2024
    Results round 1 (online) 14.06.2024
    Round 2 (on campus) 28.06.2024
    Results round 2 01.07.2024


  • Administration fee & audition process

    2.2 The administration fee

    The administrative fee for registration for the audition is €30. Your registration is final once we have received this payment. If we do not receive the payment timely, your registration is cancelled (you will timely be informed about the deadline). Any bank charges for foreign payments, are to be paid by the candidate. Administration costs are under no circumstances refunded.

    2.3 Application procedure

    As a prospective candidate, you should fill in an application form with the following information:

    • A short essay elaborating on your vision about the relationship between embodied artistic practice and society.
    • Provisory research plan.
    • A letter of motivation.
    • A video or film clip available online, lasting no more than three minutes, demonstrating
    • your personal dancing, choreography, relevant stage appearances, productions, or
    • teaching sessions.
    • Your curriculum vitae.
    • A copy of you diploma.

    Applicants need to fill in their Master project proposal in the “Application form Master Dance”, submissions that are not in this format will not be accepted. Click here to see an example of the Application form.

    2.4 Audition protocol

    As a candidate, you are selected to audition on the base of your application form. After this first step, you are invited to participate in a one-day audition.

    • The audition day includes:
    1. A short lecture performance as research presentation focused on your
    2. embodied practice.
    3. Exercises led by one or several teachers of the programme.
    4. A group conversation focused on a chosen text.
    5. An interview.


    • The jury is composed of the artistic coordinator, the head of the department and teacher(s) from the programme. The teachers introduce content, allowing for a more accurate selection in line with the cursus of the programme.
    • Students will be selected on the following ground:
    1. Quality of the application form: accounting for 30% of the final decision
    2. General audition accounting for 40% of the final decision
    3. Interview accounting for 30% of the final decision

    Download and read the admission and selection guidelines

    2.5 Publication of the results and confirmation of enrolment

    Within seven calendar days after the artistic entrance exam, the results are sent to the e-mail address specified by the candidate. Students who pass the artistic entrance exam confirm their commitment to enrol on the department via 


STEP 3 till 7. After the artistic entrance examination