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ARIA Research Seminar: The Big BOK Multiplication

bodies of knowledge (BOK) considers the city as a rich source of valuable knowledge. Every passer- by could teach you something from their own background and life-experiences. BOK seeks to share this invisibilized or suppressed knowledge through oral transmission, that potentially could give rise to a socially more just society.
[…] BOK has been travelling as a nomadic classroom space through various parks and squares in Brussels for the past 18 months. Each week, passers-by and regular visitors could participate in the free programme, where they could learn about issues that don't get a place, or not enough, in our schools, in mainstream institutions and in the media.
The learning day is the gathering of this learning community. Everyone who visits The Big BOK Multiplication will have the opportunity to engage in a small learning moment with a “body of knowledge”: a life-expert who’d like to share specific and often invisibilized knowledge with others. Who do you want to learn from?


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