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Beyond Tradition

“Beyond Tradition” is a fusion music concert that results from a combination of Fado, Flamenco, and Contemporary Classical Music. The goal is to create a performance that connects the experimental side of contemporary music with elements from genres of folk music. More than recontextualizing music or techniques, we are searching for the recontextualization of emotions and sound worlds. Fado and Flamenco music are based on strong and relatable emotions such as pain, suffering, and love. With this in mind, we aim to merge the three styles so that the emotions also overlap, creating a new perception of the folk and the experimental elements. The feeling of Saudade that is associated with Fado, and the concept of Duende which belongs to Flamenco, are two fundamental ideas for the whole performance. 

A creative project by María Leiva Sepúlveda with

María Leiva Sepúlveda, piccolo/flute, organiser
Manuel Bernardo Ribeiro Xavier Beirão, composer/singer, organiser 
Manuel Fernández García, guitar, instrumentalist