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"If you were to ask two equally talented artists to paint the same landscape with utmost exactitude, the result would be two markedly different pictures. The reason is obvious: each will inevitably paint their individual impression of that landscape. The same landscape will serve as the medium for both of their creative individualities, and that's where they differ. The creative individuality of every artist expresses itself in a dominant idea, which, like a leitmotif, pervades all of their creations." - Michael Tschechow

Goethe's Faust has been set to music multiple times throughout the centuries. While no composition is exactly like the other, they are all connected through the story they are based on. Discover the power of perception in a lively exhibition of a different kind. Let yourself be charmed by the literary figure of Gretchen, expressed through compositions by Schubert, Loewe, Zelter, and many more, each interpreted by various voices. Experience the differences in perception among both artists and audiences, and finally, come face to face with your own thoughts and interpretations.

From Anna Jussen

Pianist: Vincent Ng Yao De
Museum guide: Alexander Van Goethem
Gretchen 1: Eva Luna Goeman
Gretchen 2: Krasimira Dimitrova-Manning
Gretchen 3: Beāte Karlsberga
Gretchen 4: Christina Zaka
Gretchen 5: Anna Jussen

Lara Denies
Miguel Vasconcelos
Jasper Charlet

Naomi Beeldens