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MalaQ Airlines: Story of an hilarious flight

“Hi, welcome to MalaQ Airlines, please sit comfortably and enjoy the flight!”

MalaQ Airlines is an hybrid show, combining both live and pre-recorded performances. Created by Maria Kosovitsa, Ioanna Kykna and Juan Tello Soto. This performance is part of their Creative End Project, for their Master’s Degree in Vocal Studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Having lived through the pandemic changed our lives in many ways. Lockdowns, especially those in the first few months, were especially brutal. People were alienated, isolated, and lived in fear. Most of all, people were trapped in their houses - sometimes alone, and sometimes with others. That gave us an interesting idea to explore: "What happens when people who do not necessarily fit well together are forced to stay in a confined space? " And, what place could be more confined and bring people from all walks of life together… than an airplane? Our group of passengers will board their plane with the help of our experienced and charismatic flight attendants. Yet, an unexpected delay will make them wait… and then another… and then… another… and these will bring out many colourful reactions and sides in our characters. How will they co-exist in this space? How does each person react to a situation like this? What will happen to them? These questions, and many more, will be answered live during our show. Don’t be late! Gate closes at (insert 15 minutes before show), so please board in immediately!"


A creative project from Juan Tello Soto


"Maria Kosovitsa - soprano
Ioanna Kykna - mezzosoprano
Juan Tello Soto - baritone
Blanca Graciá - piano
Konstantinos Papantonis
Efthymios Dousis
Evangelos Papaefstathiou
Natalia Bozika
Lorena Rexhepi
Manon Duboc
Nancy Breyer
Shamay Scheff
Alexander Van Goethem"