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We live in 2023 and happily we still have the same sun as the people who lived before us. While we know the time by checking our phones, our ancestors lived their life based on the placement of the sun. Nature was more important to them. Our goal is to honor these traditions nowadays in the present and remember our roots. So we thought of creating our own interpretation of eight ancient Latvian celebrations together with seven composers - Á.Ángel, M.Semjonova, P.De Vos, Ž.Spirka, E.Brandi, E.V.Circenis, M.Vasconcelos. Performed by us, Ensemble Skaput - F. Rojas Huertas, N.Ántolin Vincente, B.Karlsberga, M.López Sánchez, P.Ciemese. 

Creative project by Patricija Ciemese and Miguel López Sanchez


Patricija Ciemese, piano, owner of the project, member of ensemble 
Miguel López Sanchez, clarinet, owner of the project, member of ensemble 
Francisco Rojas Huertas, flute, member of ensemble 
Beāte Karlsberga, voice, member of ensemble 
Nicolás Vincente Ántolín, cello, member of ensemble