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VISI.ON.AIR. Talks and thoughts about media, art and technology

VISI.ON.AIR. Talks and thoughts about media, art and technology
Research day by MAXlab

During ARTICULATE, MAXlab is launching the collective research project VISI.ON.AIR. This project aims to initiate a dialogue about media, art and technology and should ultimately lead to the co-creation of a digital TV channel. As a kick-off of the project, MAXlab invites a number of (inter)national guests and some of its own researchers on Monday 26 October to talk about contemporary (social) media, the role of (digital) arts in these media and the relationship to their own work. The whole is presented as an experimental television show, live from the Wintertuin. If possible, a limited audience is admitted, a larger audience can follow via live streaming. Recordings of the TV show may later become part of the programming of the TV channel that will be further developed.


This event is the first in a series of experiments within VISI.ON.AIR. On the one hand, it is investigated during the recordings how the live experience can be enhanced, what the added value is of such a live event and how visual elements can contribute.

On the other hand, it is a preliminary study for the TV channel and the lectures/performances provide input to further delineate the research. During the masterclass THINK TANK future TV, students will then make an artistic translation into concepts and concrete proposals for future TV formats.


Questions that may be addressed during this research day are: How do you define digital arts in the current media landscape? When do science and technology become art? Where are the major challenges for researchers in the contemporary media landscape? Where are the opportunities for MAXlab and the Academy in general?


With contributions from:


Philip Meersman (host):
Curator Philip Meersman is also the coördinator of the World Poetry Slam Organisation that organizes the European and new Inclusive World Poetry Slam Championship. As a multi-lingual poet, he stretches the limits of poetry in its written and spoken form. The news and socio-political and environmental issues are his starting point. Meersman performs all over the world and teaches workshops on experimental, visual and performance poetry.
Philip Meersman is a VUB alumnus in the Art Sciences and Archaeology department. He is studying for his doctorate at KASK Antwerp on the subject of transforming visual poetry to immersive experience.


Rafaël Rozendaal:

Rafaël Rozendaal is a Dutch-Brazilian visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas. He is one of the first artists to sell websites as art objects. His websites are sold to art collectors, who then own the domain name of that work. Both the artist and the collector sign a contract that the work has to remain publicly accessible. The name of the collector is placed in the source code and the title of the webpage.

Besides websites Rozendaal also creates installations, tapestries, lenticulars, books and haikus.


Peter Westenberg

In his participatory visual work, Peter Westenberg examines the public domain, group identity and representation. He organizes performative walks, works with local groups of people and explores language, interaction and imagination as living forms of technology. His current work Capitalitho consists of an anti-capitalist database and jewelry series. Peter is a core member of Constant, Association for Art and Media. Constant develops collective research activities at the intersectional intersection of art and technology, fueled by F/LOSS, feminisms and copyleft.


Studio Radiaal

Studio Radiaal, the interdisciplinary collective of Jasmijn Lootens (cello, electronics), Michaël Verlinden (piano, electronics), Jeroen Cluckers (video, film), A. De Causmaecker (space) and Maarten Craeynest (music technology), researches in the project ‘Form a Line into a Circle’ how to breach the linearity of the different disciplines in an immersive live performance. Through the areas acoustic/electronic, analogue/digital, figuration/abstraction and reality/virtuality, this collective searches for parameters to symbiotically connect its media. The line symbolizes the borders limiting each discipline. The circle is the target: from the tradition of the Gesamtkunstwerk and the notion ‘expanded cinema’, Studio Radiaal strives to create a total experience, sensing and transforming the boundaries between acoustic and electronic music, live performance, space, video art and film. This metaphor is also philosophical: using time as a central aural and visual dimension, the artists explore inter- and transdisciplinary methods to bend linear time, mapping innovative possibilities to establish internal, immersive experiences of time. This research project is supported by MAXlab (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp – AP University College), Immersive Lab (AP University College), LUCA School of Arts/KU Leuven, docARTES (Orpheus Institute), and ChampdAction through a two-year residence. 


Christophe De Jaeger
Christophe De Jaeger is an art historian and curator specializing in media art and collaborative practices between art and research, he has realized projects in Belgium, the USA, Shanghai (China), and Milan (Italy). He is also coordinator of the department BOZAR Art & Research (Center for Fine Arts Brussels) and founder of GLUON, a platform for art, science & technology (Brussels). Christophe De Jaeger has a strong interest in S.T.E.A.M. education.


Kris Meeusen

Lab101 is the working moniker of Kris MeeusenHe has been creating digital, interactive installations across the globe for 10 years. 
His work utilises big data, human curiosity, and a tension between playfulness & functionality. He's work has been shown on music and new media festivals.


Ine Vanoeveren
Ine Vanoeveren obtained her DMA at the University of California, San Diego in 2016 and has been conducting artistic research on contemporary performance practice and performance practice methods for several years. In addition to an international solo carrier, she plays regularly with several ensembles, including Ictus, Spectra ensemble en HERMESensemble. Vanoeveren is a professor in contemporary music at the Royal Conservatory of Liège and at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. She hosts the artistic research group ‘Creatie’ at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.


Dan Mussett

Dan Mussett is a dancer, maker and organizer based in Antwerp. He graduated with a BA in Dance from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp in 2017 having previously studied at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Reina Sofía in Granada. He also holds a BA in English literature from the University of Edinburgh. He currently works as a performer with, among others, Jan Martens / GRIP and Ayelen Parolin.
In 2018, Mussett received a research grant from the Flemish government to research new techniques and methodologies to stimulate collaborations in an artistic context, with dancer Laurent Delom, one of the results of which was the performance dddddddddduettttttttttttttttttttttt, which premiered at C-TAKT # 3 Festival 2019. In line with this, Mussett setup MURMUR in April 2018, a reading and discussion group for people active in the Antwerp performing arts sector, with the aim to share knowledge within the artistic community, to talk and to listen to each other. In 2019, Mussett started working on ‘THE DATING PROJECT’, the first results of which were shown at the KRANK Festival (organized by Tuning People) in June 2019.

Natché is the alter ego of Natalie Meesen, an Antwerp based video artist.

Frederik De Bleser
Frederik De Bleser is a researcher and professor at the Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. His research focuses on the link between art and technology, developing free software tools for generative design and creative AI. He co-founded the Experimental Media Research Group (EMRG). He coordinates the new master program in digital media. 
As a freelance designer, he creates visualizations and interactive installations for Belgian media, research institutions, and the medical community. In his free time, he is a coach for Hack Your Future, organizing and teaching web development to refugees. He lives with his wife and two children near Antwerp.




10u: introduction

10h10: Kris Meeusen

10h35: Ine Vanoeveren

11h: Studio Radiaal

11h30: Peter Westenberg


Commercial break by Yanis Berrewaerts


13h30: Christophe De Jaeger

13h55: Dan Mussett

14h20: Frederik De Bleser

14h45: Rafaël Rozendaal

15h10: Natché



(Image: For their research project 'Form a Line into a Circle' at MAXlab, Studio Radiaal did a residency at Concertgebouw Brugge in September 2020)


>> This research day is part of the program of ARTICULATE | BAUHAUS 1 0 1.